Majid Pishro Food Industries Complex in providing the highest quality food products using the best raw materials by obtaining top standard marks to provide a quality and healthy basket of food products in the travels of our dear compatriots and all the efforts of this collection health and quality improvement Providing food products. It is hoped that this will be achieved with the help of the Almighty. The complex has officially started operating since its establishment with the launch of modern production lines for jams and lemon juice. Since then, with the implementation of successive plans to develop and equip production lines for new products, including: all kinds of syrups, tomato paste, liqueurs, rose water, all kinds of sauces, canned meat, meat, pickles, pickles, juices, lemon juice and soft drinks to the previous production lines Was added. Azin Shushtar and Green Leaf South Company is proud to receive the national international standards ISO9001-2000 and HACCP, and this process is being implemented in other companies as well. Our products with the brands of Majid, Delnoosh, Jamshid, Malvan Chabahar and Shafa, in addition to distribution in neighboring provinces in other parts of the country are also offered due to their special quality are also distributed in some countries.