After completing the first phase of the company and its opening by Mr. Nemat Zadeh, Minister of Industry and Mining Time in 1993، production development plans run after another and were added to the production capacity by modernizing production lines •Quantitative and qualitative boost agricultural industry In areas covered by this collection• Buy more than 15. 000. 000 kilograms of tomatoes – ۳۰۰٫ ۰۰۰ kilograms of carrots- 10. 000. 000 kilograms of lemon and significant amounts of cucumber, cabbage, beans, vegetables, meats, spices and fish and so on which is used as raw material in a year، proposed this company as on of the largest Industrial hubs of iran• Increasing the company’s production capacity in consecutive years • Taking advantage of the latest methods of world production and operation and mechanized equipment • With the development of the field 8500 meters to 60. 000 square meters and first constructions from 2000 meters to 25. 000 square meters and The 300 % increase in the workforce at all levels of employment and education to Ph.D creating sustainable jobs in the region • Achieving qualitative and quantitative growth of the food industry complex products Majid of 2 product in 1993 to more than 180 products in the present that is on of the company honors • Development of food industry in Khuzestan province and expansion in some provinces of the country through construction of new units growths the agricultural in the areas of activity of this complex •Geographical distribution of Majid food complex products in In the country and also export to neighboring countries and the persian gulf and middle countries in Asia and some European countries and America, including Kuwait, United Arabic Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Malaysia, Belarus, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada and … • Planning for preparation of raw materials and at affordable prices caused to establish “Azin yaran “ company for supply packaging materials in 2010 and the mission of this company is production of PET containers (polystyrene) and plastic (polyethylene) for inside and outside usage.

Improving the quality and quantity of products:

1. Since founding the company in 1993 and subsequently, with the successive development projects in juice production line From one to four mechanized production line And production capacity of 1000 tons per year to 5,000 tons in the year increased

2.Tomato paste production line launched in 1375 with a small capacity And after obtaining the necessary permits and with the implementation of development projects and launching two 350-ton new lines Annual production capacity increased from 300 tons to 4,000 tons of tomato paste

3. After conducting the necessary studies .increasing production capacity of producting jams with 2 new lines and the annual production of jam increased from 450 tons to 2500 tons and cold Sauces production lines came into operation in 2003 that by carrying out the study and analysis of the target market and using new technology and under vacuum machines annual production capacity of this product increased from 150 tons to 2,000 tons

5.Syrup production line was put into operation in 1994 that after the renovation and utilizes new technology production line increased from 750 tons to 3500 tons per year

6 . Production of without gas drinks (juice) in 2005, beginning with the launch of a line that is created by Europe (Spain) with a capacity of 3500 tons per year and after conducting a technical study and analysis of the target market by purchasing and commissioning the second line of this type of product production capacity increased to 8,000 tons per year.

7.With the aim of increasing product portfolio in 2001 Canned fish started production with a capacity of 750 tons per year. with the intention of increasing the quality and quantity of this product in the following years all devices was equipment and were rebuilt In addition to increasing the quality level of production was promoted to 3,000 tons per year.

8. The company uses the expert knowledge and experience in the field of food production; ; Canned meat production line with capacity of 1000 tons per year since 2003, was put into operation to rebuild and with the installation of new equipment and devices the production capacity of these products have been upgraded to over 4,000 tonnes per year

9.At the same time production line of canned meat, canned non-meat production line with capacity of 1500 tons per year was put into operation according to market needs and taking advantage of new technology and mechanization of the production process, the capacity of these products increased to more than 5000 tons per year

10. Pickles production line launched using best equipment and in 2005 that with the development of production and diversify their types now is activate with a capacity of about 8000 tons per year

11.Production of different types of briny products with all automated industrial production lines producting about 4500 tons per year