Azin shushtar co description
This company was establishment in shushtar ( beginning road to ahwaz) in 1993
This company is a manufacturer of diverse products of majid food basket . products such as lemon juice- Tomato paste – jams – types of syrup – kinds of sauces. curd-vinegar and honey and…
“azin shushtar “ is on the eve of build two new product lines that Including

1.produce variety of carbonated juices

2. Sugar and candy

This two new product lines are enjoying the last standards , quality and mechanism

azin yaran khuzestan co description
azin yarane Khuzestan was establishment in 2012 with the aim of producing PET containers (polystyrene) and plastic (polyethylene) To meet the needs of “azin shushtar “ and “barg.e sabze jonub” companies. now with the development of machines and mechanisms available and improve them, The company’s production capacity surplus for sale to other factories, the most important products are PET bottles, plastic containers and production of fairy form,

Barge sabz.e jonub co description
This company was establishment in 1988 in 8 km road shushtar, Ahvaz , this company produces Canned meat and non-meat,pickle and salty products , high quality products like tuna fish, olive,pickles,garlic pickle are including them. This factory production lines like other majid factories Has the highest quality and standards